"I'm a 10-year old girl and I know how to weld. What can't I do?"

    Camp H is a one-of-a-kind design and building camp for girls ages 9-12 that inspires creativity and curiosity through hands-on building, problem-solving, and meaningful making. In both summer and after-school programs, girls will cut plywood with a jigsaw, fuse metal with a welder, and create projects of personal and social relevance. Camp H’s instructors are female architects, designers, creative educators, and graduates of our Studio H high school design/build program.

    Integrating science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) skills, Camp H projects build confidence, grit, and the belief that everything is possible in life and in the world. Camp H camp “graduates” will be equipped to communicate audacious ideas through their creative voice, transform their communities through active building, and go forth confidently into higher education and careers.

    Camp H girls work towards a 9-module Fearless Builder Girl certification, earning badges for each module/skill:

    01: Carpentry

    02: Welding

    03: Masonry

    04: Electronics

    05: Fix-It and Survival Skills

    06: Architecture

    07: Product Design

    08: Service

    09: Thesis




    Fall 2014: After-School Programs

    Tuesdays : ELECTRIC TEXTILES (open to all)

    This ain’t your mama’s sewing class! From talking toys to glowing t-shirts, soft circuits allow us to experiment with electronics in new ways. Using materials like conductive fabric, sewable LEDs and circuit stickers, girls will make physical projects ranging from interactive costumes and birthday cards to blinky puppets. The process will involve tinkering, imagination and lots of radical textiles! Girls will develop new skills in sewing, electronics and programming, and no experience is required. Upon completion of the Electric Textiles session, girls will earn their Electronics module badge.

    Prerequisite: None (open to ALL, new and returning campers)

    Dates: September 16 – November 4 (8 weeks)

    Schedule: Tuesdays 5:00pm – 6:45pm,

    Enrollment and Tuition: $300, enrollment is limited to 12 girls

    Location: REALM Charter High School, 1222 University Ave, Berkeley




    Wednesdays : INTRO TO BUILDING (new campers only)

    Over the course of 8 weeks, first-time Camp H girls will learn how to weld, chop wood, use hand tools, pour concrete, and more. There will be multiple projects to take home, and opportunities to design and create objects in many media that hold personal and community significance. We’ll also make academic connections to mathematics, material science, local socioeconomics, and more. This introductory session will give girls a primer on an array of tools and techniques so that they may continue in the Camp H program to begin earning their skill badges.

    Prerequisite: None (New campers only)

    Dates: September 17 – November 5 (8 weeks)

    Schedule: Wednesdays 3:45pm – 5:30pm

    Enrollment and Tuition: $300, enrollment is limited to 10 girls

    Location: REALM Charter High School, 1222 University Ave, Berkeley




    Thursdays : ADVANCED CERTIFICATIONS (alumnae only)

    For campers who have completed one or more Camp H session already, this 8-week certification program will be a rigorous and fun way to revisit and master our skills in welding, carpentry, masonry, and more. Girls will review the concepts behind each skill module (i.e. how does a welder work and how do you set up your welding station safely and efficiently?), then prepare for and pass their certification tests to earn their skill badges. The ultimate goal, over the course of this session and subsequent sessions, is for girls to earn all 10 badges and become a certified “Fearless Builder Girl.”

    Prerequisite: Completion of at least one previous Camp H session

    Dates: September 18 – November 6 (8 weeks)

    Schedule: Thursdays 5:00pm – 6:45pm,

    Enrollment and Tuition: $300, enrollment is limited to 10 girls. Camp H messenger bags (on which to put badges!) will be available for sale separately.

    Location: REALM Charter High School, 1222 University Ave, Berkeley



    Please email Emily Pilloton, camp director, emily@projecthdesign.org for our full- and partial-scholarship application form.

    Refund / cancellation policy
    If you need to cancel your camper’s registration, refunds will be applied as follows – Full (100%) refund if registration is canceled BEFORE September 1, 2014; Half (50%) refund if registration is canceled AFTER September, 2014.



    Our all-female staff



    At Camp H, learning how to weld is just as important as learning how to solve problems, make new friends, be strong young women, and be leaders in our own lives and communities. As such, our all-female staff is a group of women whose experience and love exemplify the amazing qualities we seek to grow in our campers. Read our camp staff bios here.




    Summer 2014, “I Can Build Love in My Community”

    Girls designed and built four pieces of furniture and an outdoor playhouse for the Women’s Daytime Drop-In Center, a local safe haven which offers free services to homeless women and their children. As a group we spoke with our client, designed, sketched, prototyped, built, and delivered the pieces in two weeks. Along the way, girls learned skills in woodworking, welding, fabrication, and masonry to design a meaningful project for their community, to work in multiple materials, and bring ideas to life. View photos here.


    Winter 2014, “I Can Fix Anything!”

    In this design/build after-school camp, girls learned to use hand and power tools, basic electrical equipment, and automotive instruments to fix the things that need repair, installation, and maintenance in our everyday lives. Coupled with core-subject math and science concepts, we tinkered, experimented, built, and repaired. Each week we took on a different repair task so that our girls become confident to tackle everyday problems. View photos here.


    Summer 2013, “I can chop wood and fuse metal”

    In our first summer session, girls learned basic carpentry, welding, and metalworking tools to design and build a Mondrian-inspired birdhouse, their own hand-engraved ruler, and steel symbol that represented their family history. In addition to building activities, girls engaged in small excursions, community building, and applied academics. View photos here.